About Us
The purpose for which this corporation is formed shall be educational, philanthropic, and civic, to the end that the member shall become more efficient in their homes, broader in their sympathies and more forceful in raising the standard of civic morality. Our Organizational Mission is to Provide Children and families with the following services:

  • Supply goods and services to poor families with children
  • Education for the prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Emphasis on providing for basic needs by giving items such as food shelter and clothing to children
  • Referrals to necessary charitable resources
  • Educational resources and materials including individual and group tutoring sessions for all ages
  • Used computer generation hardware and software program
  • Provide informational resources about child hunger, neglect, abuse, illiteracy and homelessness
  • Extracurricular activities, ie., art, dance, sports, music, literary and health awareness
  • Parental education about caring for their child
  • After-school programs
  • Mentorship programs
  • Education for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Develop alliances with and provide resources for children’s organization, ie., group and foster homes, social services, etc.

While we aim to establish an environment that nurtures and encourages children to reach their full potential, we cannot undermine the issues that we face within the United States. That is why, we serve both international and domestic needs.

Education for the prevention of HIV/AIDS
Our organization dedicated to helping these children and young adults who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS or other chronic illnesses. It is our mission to provide chronically ill patients with all or some of the following: items and services for HIV/AIDS pediatric patients; a social and emotional peer support group for infected and affected HIV/AIDS youth education materials to assist parents in the education of their adolescent children for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Teams of medical professional volunteers will support this project. Our Action project is to start within the medical community asking for volunteers to provide free services to anyone in need.

Education Supplies
Health Care
Supply Distribution
Mentorship Programs
Relief Efforts
Family Values and Community Involvement